pressing in frets

Fab Guitars is an artisan guitar building workshop in Oostende Belgium. It’s a one-man operation run by me, Fabian Schweiger.

In 1993 I graduated at the prestigious ILSA – International Lutherie School Antwerp as a guitar builder and have been making masterbuilt guitars ever since.

Every Fab Guitar is handmade by myself, right here in my workshop in Oostende. This way I have total control over each aspect of the instrument. While keeping the heritage of traditional guitar making alive, I also believe the development of the guitar as an instrument is an ongoing story. Therefore I keep what’s good and strive to improve what could’ve been better. I’m intrigued by new techniques, innovative designs and sustainable solutions.

My main focus lies on hand building top quality electric and semi acoustic guitars for demanding guitarists. There is no voodoo involved and I’m open to discuss every detail of my building process with the customer. Join me in the quest for your ultimate guitar both in sound, playability, reliability and appearance.

I also offer the complete range of servicing, customizing and repair for guitars and other fretted instruments.

Get in touch and let me know what I can do for you!